Premium Combo Kit for JacketBy FREUDENBERG


Minimum Quantity: 1 (1 set contains 5 combo pack)
SKU: SP2016-B

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Product Description

SP 2016B 

Premium kit for high count fabric jacket


it contains: 

1. Front Fuse / Lapel Fuse (use same article for both)

2. Small Parts

3. Arm Hole Tape

4. Stabilization Tape

5. Breast Pocket

6. Collar Folding/ Spidar Tape

7. Half Canvas

8. Sleeve Head Roll

9. Shoulder Pad

10. Hook & Bar Wadding

11. Waist Band for Trouser


Techncal specification for Fusing 

Weigth (GSM) 61 gsm
Piece Length 90 cm for 1 jacket
Base Cloth 100%PES
Coating Polyamide
Fusing Condition Continuous Press
Actual Temp  
Glueline/deg 121-138
Pressure/kgs(cm2) 2-4
Time/sec 12-20

Base : Polyester

Base Cloth : Polyester

Coating : Polyamide

Care Treatment : Dry clean only

Composition : Polyester. Cotton, animal hair

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