Maraflex TKT 120 (1500 meter per cone)By OmTradingCompany


Minimum Quantity: 16 (1 cone of 1500 meter)
SKU: 716936

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Product Description

For Seams on highly elastic medium to fine woven and knitted textiles in both mens and ladies wear, with distinct advantages for elastic type seams in footwear, sports and lingerie industries.


Article No.          Length                  No./TKT.              tex         Dtex     

716936              1500m                   120                         38           380(2)                                                                  


Product Advantages

  Extraordinary Elasticity

  Smooth, pucker-free appearance

  Should be used as needle and looper thread for achieving an optimal seam elasticity

  Ideal for closing and visible elastic decorative seams

  Ideal seam elasticity can be achieved with 4 stitches/cm

  Excellent sewability


(RAW) Material

100% PBT

Thread Construction

MCT® (Micro core Technology)

Needle Size:

NM 70-80 / 10-12

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