KN95 Face Mask Respirator (Qty=20 pcs)By Godolo


Minimum Quantity: 1 (Pack of 20 masks)

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  1. Description :- KN-95( or  GB-2626-06 )   Mask with  ear  Loop and  CE  Certification  Number
  2. Features  :-

i) 5  Layers  , with 3  Layers  of  Non Woven and  2  of Melt Blown

ii) Prevents  the  Wearer  from touching &  infecting  his  Mouth or  Nose 

ii) Very Good  facial  fit  and  forms  a  Seal  around  the  Nose  and  Mouth

iii) Very  efficient   Filter   of  Airborne Particles  .  Can  block 95 %  of  very small  Aerosolized Matter  

iii) Certified  as  GB-2626-06  Respirator ( Face  Mask )

Packing  :- Pack of 10, individual piece packing

Pls note- Not for use in ICU

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