Jacket, SS-16, 24 Shades, 1000 mtrBy OmTradingCompany


Minimum Quantity: 1 (1 Box of 10 spools)

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Gutermann Mara Thread, For perfect seams   100% polyester / Micro Core Technology®   Product Advantages:   - Particularly shiny with a silk-like sheen - Extreme rub and abrasion resistant - Outstandingly uniform seams - Highly durable and robust seams - Completely dust and lint free - Completely suitable for automatic sewing machines     Mara is universally applicable - depending on the thread thickness, this sewing thread is suitable for different applications: most frequently used in women's and men's clothing as well as for shoes and leather applications. Mara is particularly suitable for lock stitch and closing seams as well as for buttonholes and decorative seams.

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